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Learnings from "SAP HANA Live Analytics for ERP" and "SAP HANAOperational Analytics" deployment

In this blog, I have discussed my learnings and experience which I gained while deploying SAP HANA Live reports for ERP (HANA Live)  and SAP HANA Operational Analytics (OA). My learnings are purely technical and therefore it may not be relevant to Business people. Also, this deployment was executed to demonstrate standard content to Business so that they can perform gap analysis based on their requirements. I have tried to break down my learnings into highlights. 

What? Do I have an approach?
During this project, my goal was to get my head around both RDS's and come up with best configuration approach. Well, I am good (yes, I said "good") when it comes to detail level but I have little experience with building approach. So, my team mate and content lead Craig Cauchi, who is very experienced BI personality and owner of  Forefront Analytics played his part by creating an approach. 

With this approach, we decided to deploy each solution one after another i.e.. First, deploy an…