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Error in BW: Error creating tmp table

Recently, I was given a task to test reports in BI portal. The testing is critical phase before and after the upgrade for any kind of system. So while running some of the reports I was getting following error:

"Error in BW: error creating tmp table"

These reports are basically BEx queries which talk to InfoProvider (cube, multi-provider or virtual cube) to get the data. However, I really didn't know what to do. It was my first week of job and I hardly knew anything about their BW system. One of the team member who as a mentor suggested me to look/search for this error in SCN and SAP notes. After a one hour search I found few queries on SCN talking about similar issue and there was information on SAP note to follow. So based on given information I advised the BW person to execute the following report:


The error might be due to inconsistency in temporary /BI0/0* tables after the upgrade from BW 7.0 to 7.3. Problem was resolved after running above…

Build Interactive Resume with SAP Dashboard Design

With the release of ANZ University Dashboard 2013 Competition information I have started to practice and create something that I wanted to do for long time. I wanted to build an interactive resume which would be more interesting to read. In fact, I found a sample resume created with SAP Business Objects Dashboards at this location. This sample is really good. I am sure if I learn and practice more SAP Dashboards then I would be able to do similar. At this point, I have created a basic one. You can also get more samples and templates within the software. Please go to File > Templates or Samples. With these samples you can really watch how do each component work.
Fig 1 shows that you can use tabs to browse to different sections. I also put social media links by using their favicons.

Video 1 shows how selecting or hovering your mouse over each label and button changes displayed text.

You can access the dashboard at following link:
Resume Dashboard
I hope you will like it. Please do le…

Use Social Media, Virtualization and Cloud to learn SAP

Few weeks ago, I went to Victoria University SAP Students Association meetup. There were numbers of SAP students who were going to finish (and had finished) Masters of Business in ERP systems. After talking to few students I found that they were trying to enter SAP world with knowledge that they earned while studying their Masters only. Apart from that they didn't try anything exciting or new in SAP technologies. In fact, some of them never heard of SCN before or they simply ignored what lecturers mentioned. University is doing it's part by providing us defined curriculum and system for time we are enrolled. We as "students" should invest our own time to learn SAP products and solutions where ever possible.

I am also student at Victoria University and studying same course. However, recently I have done a unit bco6181; which equipped me and others fellow students with capability and confidence to use different medium to learn SAP technologies. I am going to show you ho…

Adding Google Search to Internet Explorer 9 and above - Australian Users

This week, I came across an issue where we spent half an hour to add Google search into Internet Explorer as default search engine. It supposed to be very easy but Google search was not listed in IE add-ons anywhere.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or above then please follow these steps:

Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons > Search Providers > Find more search providers

Now, you can see that there is no "Google search" listed under search add-ons

So, the trick is to edit the URL and go to US add-ons website.

Please note that when you go to US website then it defaults to "Pinned Sites" webpage. So please change it to "Add-ons" again. Now, when you click on "search" section then you can see that "Google search" is visible.
Click on "Google search" > Add to Internet Explorer > Tick the box to make it default > Add

Once you are done then please close everything and restart Internet Explorer. You will have Google as defa…

An Interview with SAP Mentor - All About SAP BI

It is wise to say that "Curiosity is the best teacher". I am always curious and wanted to know and learn BI (Business Intelligence) technologies. I am student of "Master of Business in ERP Systems" and last semester (Feb 2012) I studied SAP Business Intelligence. Since then I developed an interest into SAP BI and day by day my curiosity got bigger and bigger. With that, more and more questions started flowing in my mind (brain) and therefore I wanted to talk to someone who has been working with SAP BI and can answer my queries. I am fortunate that SAP Mentor "Joshua Fletcher" agreed to have a Google Hangout (video conference) with me and happily answered all my queries. This session not only answered my queries but also directed me to right path. To know how, please see following video

Thanks for your time

Angad Singh

BODevs Meetup - Are you coming?

#BODevs first meetup was help in Melbourne on 9th May, 2013. This meet up was proudly organized by David McAmis. Fortunately, I attended this event and met interesting people with deep interest in SAP Business Objects BI Platform.  So, it all started with meeting and greeting. I was the first one to arrive and David was already there. Later, we had free (at least not for David. So thanks David) pizza and drinks. Once everyone was settled and filled their appetite then real fun began.
David started with introduction from everyone. I found that there were people in the room from whom I can learn a lot. David gave us an update on BI 4.1 and explained how the things are changing. He also gave us live demonstration of SAP Visual Intelligence with his own #BODevs attendees data. We shared our experiences and talked about different people in SAP BI world.
So I must say overall it was wonderful experience for BI curious person  like me. If you are in Australia and work with SAP Business Objects…

Using SAP Visual Intelligence to Visualize Incoming Unknown Attachement Quantity

In my previous workshop (here), I tried to visualize the type of data (attachments) coming into email security software. I used quarantined emails data from software database. Recently, I used same database to collect types of attachments coming from different domains. This time, I tried to connect to SQL Server database directly  fromsapvisiand acquire data via SQL query. I have shared my findings and experience in following video. So as always please do share your suggestions with me. These suggestions are valuable for me.


SAP Visual Intelligence Visualize The Email Quarantine Audit Data

Since the previous blog (here) I have been learning and practicing SAP Visual Intelligence. There is always a new thing to learn. I will keep using it until the trial period finish. During the official visichat there were some interesting case studies and practices mentioned by Timo Elliott I looked at those and tried to do similar practice with the data that I use on daily basis. We have network monitoring, email and web security software. These software create logs which is sometime hard to understand or we take time to get to bottom. The reporting within these software are not really helpful either. So I decided to look at email security software and gather some data for creating visuals to learn SAP Visual Intelligence and improve my skills with this software and data. I have chosen the most basic data at this moment. 
I have tried to address an issue where I am spending time releasing emails for users when it is blocked for specific reason. The users have been provided with an int…

Using Analytic View on SAP HANA with SAP Visual Intelligence

As a part of (our University unit bco6181 ) six minutes presentation I connected SAP Visual Intelligence to SAP HANA Analytic view and show measure(s) on graph. I demonstrated the whole thing in the class successfully but there were certain things that I could show in presentation. For example, from creating schema to creating and loading tables with data (from csv files). It was another excited thing that I did with SAP Hana and this time l learnt even more about SAP technology. I am going to share my experience and data that I used.
Cloud Setup:
This time I used the same setup which I discussed in my previous blog here and as shown below. I really did not need DC for this exercise as I connected to HANA with database user. However, I used it for DNS (Domain Name Services) and for logging on to CLIENT using Windows Domain user.
SAP Hana Instance - HANADB - Rev 48 Windows Server 2008 R2 - DC (Domain Controller) - and hosted AD (Active Directory) services Windows Server 2008 R2 - CLIENT  - …

My Experience While Integrating SAP HANA with Windows Active Directory in a Private Virtual Cloud


I had been keeping SAP Hana instance for few months on AWS (Amazon Web Services). I never did any thing excited with it until I was asked to demonstrate something for an University assingment (bco6181) . There, I just thought I could try integrating SAP Hana instance with Windows Active Directory for single sign on. Unfortunately, I was not successful but I completed the configuration to most extent. It was a good experience and an effort that I can not forget.

Note: Please note I followed following guide to perform these steps


My infrastructure included following

SAP HANA Instance - HANA - Rev 48
Windows Server 2008 R2 - DC (Domain Controller) - and hosted AD (Active Directory) services.
Windows Server 2008 R2 - CLIENT  - and SAP Hana studio installed.

One VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) - - Above machines (instances) were given s…

DFS - Slow Browsing with Windows XP

In this blog, I have discussed the root cause of the issue where users are experiencing very slow network speed when connecting to network drive (mapping to DFS root namespace). Please note that this finding is totally based on our IT setup and it may not be the reason/cause for your issue.

Alright, we wanted to do following:
Virtualize and upgrade file servers (DFS) to Windows Server 2008 Standard R2
Virtualize and upgrade one physical 2003 domain controllers to Windows Server 2008 Standard R2

In this process, we created new domain controller and for some reason we needed to shut it down. So we shut it down. Next day, some users running Windows XP started to experience delays when they click on network drive letter (for example Z:\). It started to take time and sometime Windows Explorer stuck/hang before it populate all the folders. We tried few things together with my Manager to fix the issue but we could not solve the problem. Later, we read few articles/blogs about DFS architectur…

Using BIonDemand First Time

In this blog, I have tried to explain how BIonDemand can be used to assist with your decision making. Please note that this is not guide to tell you how to use BIonDemand.

I am part time student of "Master of Business in ERP Systems" and three weeks ago I started great unit "ERP Applications". Just google "BCO6181" and you will find us. Now, in this unit we were exposed to BIonDemand. We were advised to think of data, a question and then use this beautiful tool to find the answer. I tried various sample data to learn this tool first.

Since the birth of my second child on 4th March I have been looking for a new DSLR camera. Now, this is my first DSLR camera so I only needed entry level camera. So I started to read and make some nice excel sheet with the data. Hang on, excel sheet with data. There we go, I can use this excel sheet to assist me finding good entry level camera. So I chose following three vendors and metrics.


Mega pixels